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Good evening all!

Hope you have all enjoyed the first couple of weeks of the program!

As you have probably already noticed, the rep ranges have progressed and the conditioning has gone up a notch as we head into phase 2. This can all be followed on the HYBRID8 program which you can access via the 'online program' tab of the booking app.

Any questions, please let any of the coaches know and we can help with anything you need!

We also have a couple of events lined up including the Wilmslow 10k (29th Nov) and the Christmas party (1st December). These will be on the events page of the app very soon, where you will be able to RSVP.



Welcome to the HYBRID8 group! Here you can connect with oth...



  • 27 Jun Thu | 'Media City 5/10k '

  • 29 Jun Sat | 'TU Summer Social/3rd Birthday'

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